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with Sauntia

Virtual or Face-to-Face Sessions 
Therapy that meets you as you are, 
where you are,
with your values, experiences and identities.
I view each individual holistically and as a member of various complex systems. These systems can include the family, community, and society. I strive to support each person and explore how their various group memberships have influenced who they are and how they feel about themselves. These groups may include gender, class, ethnicity and race, country of origin, disability, and sexual orientation.
I support people as they liberate from what hinders them so that restoration and actualization of authenticity can manifest.
I have extensive experience addressing barriers such as internalized oppression, trauma, grief, disability, chronic illness, mental health, and secondary trauma.
All our work together in therapy is firmly rooted in the belief that all humans are inherently good, lovable, and resilient. 

Identity / Racial Identity Development
Whole Person-centered 

Strengths-based Perspective
Support / Facilitating Self-Healing

Trauma / Racial Trauma-focused

Deep Understanding / Empathy


Advocacy / Activism

Dismantling White Supremacy 

&/in all areas of life context










$130, per 50 minute sessions //
Limited need-based sliding scale options available
New Clients

We will schedule an intake appointment that will include completion of new client paperwork and discussion of plan for treatment. I meet with most clients on a weekly or biweekly basis. Sessions are 50 minutes in length unless otherwise arranged. 


At this time, accepting private pay. Payment is due at the time of session in the form of credit or debit card, cash, check, or FSA/HSA payment.

I can provide a statement you can submit as an inquiry to your insurance provider for potential reimbursement. Please contact your insurance provider directly to verify the process of submission. 


Please provide 48-hour notice if you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment. If less than 48-hour notice is provided, you will be charged the full fee for the session. I will consider waiving this fee in the event of sickness or emergency. I cannot waive this fee if the cancelation is due to work or childcare issues.

End of Partnership

It is your right to discontinue counseling at any time. When possible, please allow one to three sessions to address therapy closure. In certain circumstances, I may determine that I will need to refer you to another provider because your treatment need may not fall within the scope of my practice. If this be the case, I will provide a referral. 

About Sessions
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People get really confused about their feelings. We’re constantly gaslit in so many aspects of our lives.


When you’re a kid, and you fall and hurt yourself—’No, no, don’t cry. No, you’re ok.’ No, I’m not ok. I’m hurt. 


That continues in your life where reality is really skewed all the time and you don’t trust your feeling and it’s confusing. And you suppress your feelings and deny them. You try and avoid them—doing unhealthy things to try and get rid of the feeling.

And then that leads to depression and anxiety and self-doubt, not trusting yourself. You make poor decisions, get in bad relationships—all of these things are a consequence of this way that we’re constantly being told that what we see and feel is wrong. ‘No, you really feel this way, or should feel this way.’


Therapy allows us space to be liberated from that, and learning to trust yourself and validate—’Yes, it’s ok to feel. How do you want to respond?’

Sauntia Griffin, LSWAIC, MSW, M.Ed. 

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